SUN WAKASA HONEY PLUS WITH TEA (Limited-time Offer: Regularly Priced at $158.95)

SUN WAKASA HONEY PLUS WITH TEA (Limited-time Offer: Regularly Priced at $158.95)

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Sun Wakasa Honey Plus (17 fl oz. - a 30-day supply) with 1 Infuse Your Mood Tea Sample

For the first time, we are offering our Sun Wakasa Honey Plus at an amazing discount. Take advantage of this special offer and receive a free sample of our Infuse Your Mood Tea, which contains eleutheroa great way to restore balance, refocus energy and brighten your mood.

Sun Wakasa Honey and Sun Wakasa Gold both contain Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which has the ability to your energy because of its high nucleic acid content. This delicious elixir allows the body to conserve its own energy production, thus making Sun Wakasa a highly-effective energy boosting supplement without caffiene. 

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Sun Wakasa Honey Plus offers natural rejuvenation and increased energy